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Reviewing for the Exam

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 About Our Services

Quality ACT Prep at an Affordable Price

The ACT plays an important role in college admissions. According to research presented by the Utah State Board of Education, the number of students taking the ACT is on the rise. Scores however have seemingly plateaued. 

Our program works on helping you improve your score using our teaching methodology. 

Adult Students

Professional Services

What We Provide


Group Sessions

Group Sessions take place right after school at American Fork High School. During these sessions, students are taught from our curriculum--derived from our methodolgy-- in the four subjects which compose of the ACT. For more information on dates and times of these please click on the link below.

One-on-One Tutoring

We believe the best way to learn is through personalized instruction. This allows more focus on  the individual's preference of learning and thinking. Everyone learns differently. Our skilled tutors teach concepts in many different ways and are devoted to develop the best learning method to enable student's success.

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