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Solis Education: Striving for Greatness

A Message From the Owners

 We are Christian Abo and Scott Allen--BYU graduates who have always been big advocates for improving education. We remember the stress and pressure that accompany taking the ACT. We also remember the outrageous ACT prep courses which costed hundreds of dollars. We know how important getting a good ACT score can be when applying to colleges and receiving scholarships, so we set out to create Solis Education. Our educational experiences combined with our passion for student success, have created this program dedicated to facilitate learning and promote better education as we work together. We believe that people learn and think differently. With that in mind, we developed our unique methodology dedicated to student success and learning.

Our Teaching Methodology

Encouraging Higher Education and Higher Scores

Stack of Books

Small and Simple Steps

Our methods are designed to help students improve their score by three to six points each time they complete one of our courses. Big jumps are difficult to achieve, so we focus on improving student scores in small and simple steps.

Teaching Format

The ACT is composed of four sections: Math, Science, Reading, and English. Each of these sections are composed of a few subcategories of questions. We utilize and analyze practice tests designed to demonstrate which types of questions students struggle with the most. Afterward, students are assigned an instructor who will help them with the specific questions with which they struggled. This effective method allows students to capitalize on gaining the most points. With so much information present on the ACT, we cannot teach every concept, rather we believe that focusing on the concepts that are most misunderstood generate the most success. With this methodology, we are able to guarantee an improvement in scores. 

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Student Writing
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The Answers You Need

Will my student be taught everything on the act?

We make sure that all students have some interaction with all types of questions found on the ACT.  However, we focus on exposing them most to the concepts they do not understand to the one's they have mastered.

My student does not attend American Fork High School, can they still attend the group sessions there?

At this time, we have contracted with American Fork High School to provide group ACT prep sessions for American Fork students only. However, we are looking to expand to other high schools in the near future! Until then we offer one-on-one sessions to all Utah students!

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