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What to expect

We like to focus on improving people's score by as much as possible. To do this we like to focus on sections of the ACT that they struggle with the most. We typically give them practice sections to work on between sessions and go through that with them as well as other strategies to help them improve their score.

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Where we teach

We like the tutees and parents to feel as safe as possible. To help with this, we will send our tutors to meet you at your house. If you would like to meet somewhere else, just let us know and we will arrange our tutor's schedule to work with you.

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Personalizing the Sessions

We strive to help our tutees individually. Everyone has different roadblocks that are holding them back from a better score. Our tutors are trained in finding these roadblocks and helping them overcome them. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

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